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Virgo Editorial Services is Erica Nikolaidis, a freelance editor who has worked in the independent publishing field since 2004. Erica specializes in book production, developmental and technical editing, and copy writing.

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Developmental Edit


A developmental or substantive edit involves evaluating the text as a whole in terms of scope, organization, intended audience, tone, and flow. After an initial reading of your piece, I’ll provide you with feedback and recommendations for broader content revisions.

Heavy Copyedit


A heavy copyedit focuses on improving flow, clarifying text, and “tightening up” your content. I ensure the text adheres to the style guide of your choice (depending on the discipline in which you’re writing, this might be APAMLAAP, or the Chicago Manual of Style). I also create a style guide specific to your piece to apply consistency to the edit and maintain your voice. I rework passive, bloated sentences into active, lean text.

Light Copyedit


A light copyedit is like a good spring cleaning — I correct grammar and spelling errors, apply parallel structure, tidy up footnotes, and revise the text according to the style guide of your preference. Instead of rewriting any clumsy sentences I might encounter — as I would in a Heavy Copyedit — I throw the ball back in your court by suggesting revisions or submitting queries where I feel the text would benefit from elaboration or clarification.



Request a proofread if you feel confident about the flow, organization, and tone of your text but are looking to polish the material. I correct grammatical and spelling errors, ensure correct placement of figures and tables, and format footnotes per your preferred style guide. I don’t monkey with your word choice or voice.



In 2005, I cofounded a freelance academic editing service for graduate students. Foreign exchange students made up the majority of our customer base. Though these students demonstrated great command of conversational English, they needed help polishing their papers. As such, I became familiar with the grammatical errors common to ELL students. If you are an ELL, contact me for estimates on pricing and turnaround time. I’m here to help!

Additional Services


Copy Writing
I’m versed in drafting ad copy, back cover content, product descriptions, and other forms of promotional copy that detail features and benefits while maintaining a breezy, salesy touch. (Note: No extra charge for the invention of words like “salesy.”)

Project Management
When you’re simply too busy to juggle all aspects of the production process, I’ll jump in and steer the ship for you. I can create production schedules, oversee vendors, and quality-check editorial and print work, while you sit back, relax, and sip a much-needed margarita. You’ll have all the control, but none of the legwork.



After my dissertation director got tired of correcting my grammatical mistakes and sentence deficiencies, I contacted Virgo Editorial Services about proofreading. I could not have been happier. What I found the most helpful were Erica's comments, which were never heavy-handed. She always explained the edits she made, and worked with rather than around my writing style. Because of Erica's attention and knowledge, I was able to present a professional document to my dissertation committee. Virgo Editorial did such a great job that, during my defense, my committee actually complimented my writing style, a feat I never imagined. I cannot recommend Virgo Editorial Services more highly."

- Dr. B. Aaron Talbot, PhD


Erica Nikolaidis is the ultimate publishing professional. She has the editorial, production, and project management skills to take on any job — large or small. Her experience and diligence, not to mention good humor — even during those most trying and unforeseen editorial and production scenarios that somehow always seem to pop up — make her the perfect go-to person for any individual or company in need of editorial services."

- Anne Serrano, MA
Editorial and Production Manager, Books
Medical Group Management Association


I have worked with Erica on projects ranging from civil engineering reports for the Florida Department of Transportation to journal articles for telecommunications publications and doctoral theses. Many of these works have been authored by non-native speakers, which has never been an obstacle for her. Erica is familiar with various style manuals — APA, MLA, AMA, to name a few — and publishing guidelines. Her experience working at publishing houses, in fact, provides her with an intimate knowledge of what editors and publishers expect of authors. Not only is she easy to work with, she is also timely, friendly, and professional. I have recommended Erica to many authors seeking an editor. I would not do this if not for her talent and intelligence."

- Jessica M. Kirwan, MA